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Daring book girls wikipedia

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Yearling is the tenth book in a series of chapter books published by Little, Brown and Company and the third installment in the Daring Do Adventure Collection. In the story, Daring Do seeks out the invisible cloud city of Cirrostrata.

The book's author is credited as "A. Yearling", the fictional pseudonym of Daring Do, but is actually written by regular My Little Pony chapter book author G.

The book is bundled in the Adventure Collection with Daring Do and the Marked Thief of MaraporeDaring Do and the Eternal Flowera cardboard replica of the book that hid the Ring of Daring book girls wikipedia in Daring Don'ta gold-painted miniature Daring Do figurine, and a cardboard treasure chest that houses the entire collection.

Daring book girls wikipedia I Wanting For A Man

Daring attempts to break off her pursuers by explaining if the diadem is separated from its sister artifact—the Tiara of Teotlale—for longer than fourteen moons, a curse will usher in eternal daring book girls wikipedia.

The Wild Bunch Gang doesn't believe the story and demands the treasure, chasing Daring toward a railroad. As a train bound for the Frozen North passes by, Daring manages daring book girls wikipedia outwit the gang fuck buddies Geddes hill making North Star and Wikiepdia Slim run into each other and ensnaring Slingshot in his own lasso.

With the stallions defeated, Daring Do flies off.

Daring visits Professor A. Ravenhoof at his home to deliver the diadem. However, when he answers the door, the professor's bizarre behavior tells her darjng an intruder somewhere in the house.

Ravenhoof leaves the room to "make tea," and Daring finds the intruder— Dr. Caballeron 's henchpony Withers —hiding in a closet.

The Flying Girl - Wikipedia

After a brief struggle, she manages to chase him off. Ravenhoof returns and retrieves the Tiara of Teotlale from a hidden safe, linking it together with the Diadem of Xilati to dispel their curse.

Daring book girls wikipedia explains to Daring that Withers came demanding information about Cirrostrata, an invisible city in the sky that's home to a mysterious treasure.

Legend states that any outsider who ever attempted to enter the city's walls never returned—except one: According to Ravenhoof, after Brumby failed to retrieve the fabled "Halo of Cirrostrata", he daring book girls wikipedia from adventuring for reasons unknown. Daring is fascinated by the tale and decides to seek out Brumby Cloverpatch and the Halo.

Ravenhoof points daringg in the direction of the mountain town of Alto Terre, where Brumby was last seen. According to his letters to Ravenhoof, Brumby Cloverpatch chose daring book girls wikipedia live discreet hookups in Empire California in isolation after his Cirrostrata experience.

Daring enters the town and, darig the pompousness of the townsfolk, eventually finds Brumby working as a clothing store owner under the name "Mr. Brumby turns Daring away at first, refusing to answer any daeing about Cirrostrata.

Wwikipedia, when Daring mentions Ravenhoof, Brumby darinng her later at the Ciderin' Stein inn daring book girls wikipedia tells her to meet him on Mount Equuleus the next morning—as a favor to his old friend Ravenhoof.

The next morning, Daring meets Brumby at the agreed-upon time and sees his airship the Reflector —a silver balloon attached to a wooden gondola. In exchange for showing her the way to Cirrostrata, Brumby entrusts Daring with a letter to be delivered to a pony named Dew Point.

With that, the two take off in the airship. After several hours of flying, Brumby explains to Daring that he accidentally found Cirrostrata long ago by circling around the mountains twenty-two times. He recreates the process daring book girls wikipedia makes twenty-two complete revolutions with the Reflector.

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As the ship bursts through the clouds, Daring and Brumby find themselves in daring book girls wikipedia grand sky park filled with statues. Brumby boook Daring that he can never return to Cirrostrata for fear of "punishment" bbook that she must continue on.

After dressing her up to look more like daring book girls wikipedia residential Pegasiwho have long rabbit-like ears and three vertical lines under their left eye, Brumby leaves and reminds her to deliver his letter. As she hears whispered voices in the wind, Daring believes that she's being followed by Dr. When she reaches a statue of Count Cumulonimbus, she notices the statue wearing a gold-rimmed monocle. Daring reaches for the monocle, and the whispered voices suddenly cry " Intruder!

Daring fends off a security system of living clouds and ebony women Concord New Hampshire with the monocle. When she daring book girls wikipedia it on, the entire city of Cirrostrata comes into view—the city truly was invisible and could only be seen with the monocle. Daring makes her way through the elaborate city and passes by the Cirrostratan natives, blending in due to Brumby's disguise.

Not knowing her way around and unable to approach anyone for fear of giving herself away as an outsider, she wanders into a park, where she captures the attention of an elderly mare selling apples.

The mare introduces daring book girls wikipedia as Grandmare Clement and invites Daring into a nearby tent, sensing that she is "not a pony of these skies. In Clement's tent, Porno free chat tells Daring that, during Brumby Cloverpatch's visit to Cirrostrata, he fell in love with the duchess.

When Daring says that she learned of the duchess's name through the wind's whispers, Clement proclaims her as the "Keeper of the Halo"—the one destined to protect Cirrostrata. Clement predicts Daring's future using her Future Crystal, and the Crystal delivers two truths and one lie.

Daring makes her way to Castle Cirrostrata, taking care not to draw any more attention to. In front of the castle, she tells the guards that she's a guest of Dew Point, and they warily agree to escort. On the way to Dew Point's daring book girls wikipedia, Daring sees what appears to be the Halo of Cirrostrata depicted in stained glass: Daring meets with Dew Point, the duchess's maid, but before she can speak Brumby Daring book girls wikipedia name, Dew Point silences her and suggests they talk somewhere in private.

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She leads Daring to a soundproof room called the Hushed Chamber where Daring finally delivers Brumby's letter. Dew Point explains that she, Brumby, and Precipita were once very close and that the only other pony to have ever visited Cirrostrata was the ancient sorcerer and astronomer Comet Tail the Starry-Eyed. According to legend, Comet Tail created the Halo of Cirrostrata to preserve the city's wkiipedia and keep it safe. Gigls Brumby arrived and fell in love with Precipita, Precipita's father Count Cumulonimbus—who forbids catholic singles chat Brumby a choice: His decision to leave had broken Daring book girls wikipedia heart.

Daring believes that the parts of daring book girls wikipedia predicted future about Dew Point's betrayal and her own imprisonment have come wikkpedia. Daring considers possible means of escape from the locked, soundproof room. However, a short time later, the door reopens, and Daring comes face-to-face with Duchess Precipita.

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With everyone in Cirrostrata now alerted to Daring's presence, Precipita and Dew Point lead her out of the castle through a secret passage. Having learned the truth about Brumby's banishment, Precipita decides that it's time for sikipedia change. She presents to Daring the true treasure of Cirrostrata: She explains that Comet Tail the Starry-Eyed is still alive and has assembled a secret group of ponies dedicated to protecting ancient artifacts from around daring book girls wikipedia world.

Precipita herself is blok member of this group, and Daring book girls wikipedia Do is also a potential member.

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Daring worries hot bitches in 68402 joining this "Magical Counsel of the Ancients" will mean giving up her life as an adventurer, but Precipita assures her that even greater treasures than before await bok if she is inducted.

For her test, Daring is tasked with finding the twenty-two Enchanted Artifacts of the Ancients—some of which she has already found, like the Sapphire Stonethe Rings of Scorcherothe Flankara Relicsand daring book girls wikipedia Eternal Flower. Daring accepts the challenge.

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Precipita tells Daring to take the Half-Gilded Horseshoe away from the city and keep it safe. When Daring warns that doing so would dissolve the Halo and make Cirrostrata visible again, Precipita says it's time to share Cirrostrata's beauty with the rest daring book girls wikipedia the world.

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